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          Rob Hopkins talks about 'Transition' from a dependence of fossil fuels and a vision for the future of the Schumacher College and the Dartington Estate

          on the edge of Totnes. 15/5/09 (27 min)


          the first 20 seconds are a german introduction, afterwards its all english), time 4:12 min


         Topics: Local food, local currency, Re-skilling, integrating everyone, Meeting over Food (Potluck)

.         video transports good spitrits on an island in Northwestern USA (6:40 min)




    What is money , who creates it and why feel so many people obliged to "rent their hours" in  jobs they dont like, just to earn the money to feed them and there families? What are alternatives to the financially motivated rat race? and to support a thriving local economy?  (79 min), with subtitles in SPANISH  and other languages



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